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Audental focuses on CAD/CAM materials such as zirconia, SLM powder, PMMA, wax, titanium disc, CoCr disc, etc and adopts industry-leading equipment and production techniques to ensure the advanced performance of our products.


The production line process includes: mixing, dry pressing, isostatic pressing, pre-sintering, turning, printing and packaging.


1. Mixing: During this process, various zirconia powders are combined, and the sensory colour distribution of the finished powder is kept constant and uniform.


2. Dry Pressing: Entails the preliminary shaping of the zirconia powder.


3. Isostatic Pressing: Make the product that has been dry-pressed a specific size, density, strength, etc.​


4. Pre-Sintering: Increase the strength and compactness of the product output from the isostatic pressing process.


​5. Turning: After machining, ensure that the pre-sintered products satisfy the required sizes and that the surface is level and smooth.


​6. Printing: Print logo, patterns and save product information on the surface of turned items.


​7. Packaging: Ensure that the printed goods are well-protected so that they are not harmed during storage and shipping.


Audental Bio-Material Co., Ltd factory production line 0     Audental Bio-Material Co., Ltd factory production line 1


Audental Bio-Material Co., Ltd factory production line 2     Audental Bio-Material Co., Ltd factory production line 3


We provide OEM services for customers. We have a wide range of products: Dental Zirconia Block, Multilayer Zirconia Blocks, Pre Shaded Zirconia Blocks, Lithium Disilicate Blocks, Dental Wax Discs, Dental Titanium Discs, and Cobalt Chrome Blocks. At the same time, we can also provide materials for dental laboratories: Zirconia Milling Bur, Zirconia Polishing Bur, Zirconia Milling Bur, and Dental Lab Equipment.


Our R&D (Research and Development) team is made up of highly experienced professionals in the dentistry industry, fully committed to providing innovative and creative dental solutions, while utilizing expertise from multiple disciplines, providing cost effective dental solutions to our clients.

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