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Advantages of Using Zirconia For Dental Restorations


Latest company news about Advantages of Using Zirconia For Dental Restorations


For nearly three decades, dental zirconia blocks has been used for endodontic posts and implants. In 2010, full-zirconia restorations became available to dentists, which completely changed the dental industry for the better. Zirconia creates the strongest dental crowns and, in recent years, manufacturers such as Audental Bio-Material Company have greatly enhanced crown translucency to create an enamel-like look. That means that zirconia dental restorations are both natural looking and incredibly durable.


So what are the advantages of using zirconia for dental restorations?


Here are a few advantages about why zirconia is gaining popularity amongst dentists.

  • Offers high strength

One of the biggest benefits of using zirconia over other materials is its strength and durability. You need to know how much force your back tooth will exert while chewing food. Zirconia is made of the strongest material, so it is considered the best option for the back of your tooth. The other best thing is that, as the tooth is so strong, the dentist doesn’t need to make any preparation for the tooth.


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  • Bio-compatibility

Many dentists choose zirconia because of bio-compatibility, and it is less likely to provoke the body into producing any reaction or immunological response like inflammation. When compared to other dental materials, zirconia offers higher compatibility and is completely safe to use.

Zirconia is even considered to be the best choice for patients, who are sensitive to metals, and in some people, metals will cause allergic reactions too. Zirconia crown is known for offering higher bio-compatibility with no adverse effects.

  • Longevity

Zirconia is considered the highest strength material so it is less likely to get a chip, break down, or wear down. Other materials come with a lifetime of 10 to 15 years, but on the other hand, zirconia will last for a lifetime period. If the patients are looking for a long-term solution, then they can opt for zirconia restoration.

  • Same day procedure

If you are choosing zirconia for dental restoration, then the procedure can be done in a single visit. Zirconia supports the CAD/CAM system, so it is very easy to use the dental milling machine to mill the zirconia block. This will eliminate the number of visits done by the patients to the doctor.


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