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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from Customers


Latest company news about Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from Customers


Recently, we have been receiving many queries about our products and services from clients, so in this content, we are going to select 5 questions to answer.


(Q1) Do you guys have a factory to ensure the efficient production of zirconia blocks?

Yes, Audental has three factories located in Shanghai, Qinghuangdao and Changsha for the effective production of zirconia blocks and adopts industry-leading equipment and production techniques to ensure the advanced performance of our products.

The production line process of zirconia blocks include: mixing, dry pressing, isostatic pressing, pre-sintering, turning, printing and packaging.



(Q2) How can you guarantee the quality of your products?

Audental has quality control procedures to ensure the constant high quality of Audental zirconia blocks, and our zirconia block products have gone through several purity tests, and are certified by various national and international agencies, such as FDA, CE, ISO, TUV and CFDA.



(Q3) Do you provide OEM and ODM Services?

We provide OEM and ODM services for customers for all our zirconia block types.. From the All in One 3D Pro Dental Zirconia Block, to the Multilayer Zirconia Blocks and Pre Shaded Zirconia Blocks etc. All you have to do is to send us your company logo and other requirements, plus our team will also assist with the packaging design.


(Q4) Do you guys attend exhibitions that i can visit?

Yes, we make it a priority to attend key global dental exhibitions all year long, this year we attended Lab Day in Chicago USA, IDS in Cologne Germany, IDEX in Istanbul Turkiye, Dental South China in Guangzhou China, Sino Dental in Beijing China and VIDEC in Hanoi Vietnam, and we are going to attend Dental Expo Russia in Moscow in September.

You guys are welcome to visit our booth, if you need more details, please send us a message, we will reach out shortly.


(Q5) Do you provide free samples?

Generally, if it’s your first purchase, yes we can provide free samples to you, feel free to order.



Fore more information on our products and services, please browse through our website or contact us directly. 


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