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Cobalt Powder Dental 3D Metal Print

Cobalt Powder Dental 3D Metal Print

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    Cobalt Powder Dental 3D Metal Print


    Dental 3D Metal Print CoCrMo


    CoCrW 3D Metal Printer

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    Vita14, Blear 1-4
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    Color Box
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    C14 B40
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    1-2 weeks
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    D/A, L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,PayPal
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    1000 kgs / week

Cobalt Powder Dental 3D Metal Print

15-45μm SLM powder cobalt powder for 3D Metal Printer CoCrW CoCrMo Dental Alloy

Audental SLM POWDER is a cobalt-chromium alloy powder for dental laser sintering purpose that has high sphericity, high fluidity, low oxygen content, and particle size distribution in the range of 10-45µm, especially medical grade bio-compatibility alloy. It’s made by vacuum induction supersonic aerosol powdering process. Extremely high bio-grade purity, beryllium/nickel/cadmium free, excellent biocompatibility.Excellent corrosion resistance. Excellent product quality and batch consistency to ensure stable and high quality laser sintered products with a high density structure, smooth surface, accurate adaptation and edge fit, low stress concentration of the bridge body. And the powder is compatible with a wide range of metal porcelain powder and dental laser metal sintering machine on the market.



  • Optimal material characteristics of a cobalt-chrome alloy
  • Guaranted a homogeneous and extremely dense structure
  • secure ceramic veneering compatible with wild range of ceramics
  • Nickel and beryllium-free – no cytotoxic or allergic potential
  • Excellent density, easy to work with
  • Controlled manufacturing process for stress-free frames
  • Outstanding accuracy of fit
  • High strength in all span sizes, up to 16 units

Technique Data

  • Composition :Co 61.5% / Cr28. 1% / Mo5.3% / W5.0%
  • Color :Silver Gray
  • 0,2 % elongation limit Rp0.2 /MPa :600 Mpa
  • Ductile yield/% :8%
  • Hardness [HV10]:365
  • Particle size :15-43µm
  • Density :8.6g/cm3
  • CTE :14. 1×10-6 K- 1
  • Modulus of elasticity :220Gpa

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1. Introduce Audental?

Audental established in 2007, is the first and biggest dental precious metal alloys and reliable zirconia manufacturer in China market, its production facilities are located in Shanghai Qinhuangdao, and Changsha factories comply with ISO13485, dental zirconia blocks and metal alloys certified with CE 0197.

2. Where is your location?

Audental with plants located in Shanghai, Qinhuangdao, and Changsha; one trading company in Shenzhen.

3. What certificates do you have?

Tuv CE, FDA, CFDA, SFDA and ISO 13458. We also offer other profiles if you need like: Free sale, DOC or legalized officially, etc.

4. How can you guarantee the quality?

Effectively production schedule supports each by 3 plants, flexible production to avoid rush deliveries. Always final inspection before shipping; 5 years quality guarantee period after shipping.

5: Can I print our own logo or design on the products?

OEM and ODM are acceptable, our team will design and print your own logo according to your requirement.